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In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you Deepak Chopra

Essence of Stillness ~ It is not quietness and emptiness, though it can be! On the contrary it is the stillness in sound, in motion, in joy and communion it is the stillness within the expression of nature. it is the place we find when we deeply connect with another. It feels like coming” home”

Yoga and Meditation Classes are designed in such a way that blockages on a physical level, (such as stiffness or tightness) and an emotional level (such as fear and anxiety) are released and tension or stress, tiredness or irritation are replaced, over time, with feelings of relaxation, acceptance and contentment. Your true essence emerges.

The guided relaxations work specifically on the nervous system to help switch of the adrenalin response and initiate the relaxation response, which then allows the body’s innate ability to heal at a deep level. Coping mechanisms improve and adjusting to situations and challenges occur.


Yoga and Horses teach us the essence of stillness, even in motion
Dru Yoga and Meditation have complimented this partnership between Horse and Human on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

The horse is an honest and profound teacher. They reflect back to us, what our physical and emotional state is. Harmony  will be enhanced if we can learn to be in the present moment rather than thinking of the past or future. They can sense and respond accordingly if we are in our head or in our heart.

“Becoming natural means that you trust and follow the guidance of your heart.” Dru Yoga and meditation techniques help us to come home to our true nature and horses teach us how to live that truth and when we are in harmony and balance.

COMING SOON IN 2018: workshops that combine yoga, meditation, nature and Horses.