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There are no accidents….there is only some purpose that we haven’t yet understood Deepak Chopra

I attended my first yoga class out of sheer desperation during the most challenging and lowest point of my life.
I had physical injuries from an accident, that was nothing compared to the emotional trauma I was experiencing after my six year old daughter was tragically killed in the same accident.
A dear friend encouraged me to go, thinking it might help the whip lash and back pain I had.

I discovered from that first class, yoga was way more than stretching and I had a sense that this was my doorway to hope. Hope that I might find some peace or a way to move forward.
Dru yoga and my wonderful caring teacher gave me the sanction and tools to reinvent my life. Life was never going to be the same and I didn’t have very good coping strategies to deal with my loss and still function as a Mum and wife. Dru was like opening a door to a new world.
Fear, grief, anger, depression, along with anxiety, Insomnia and intense sadness were my constant companions. Yoga classes and then my own practice seemed to bring momentary relief.
I learnt new ways to breathe, to think, to act and to just BE.

In hindsight, I realise that I was functioning daily with post traumatic stress symptoms and the fight and flight mechanism was constantly activated. I was continually resisting the reality of what had happened and every cell of my body was a grieving mother, who did not trust that life could be enjoyable again.

Dru classes are designed in such a way that blockages on a physical level, (such as stiffness or tightness) and an emotional level (such as fear and anxiety) are released and tension or stress, tiredness or irritation are replaced, over time, with feelings of relaxation, acceptance and contentment.

The guided relaxations work specifically on the nervous system to help switch of the adrenalin response and initiate the relaxation response, which then allows the body’s innate ability to heal at a deep level. Coping mechanisms improve and adjusting to situations and challenges occur.

The Dru Yoga Teacher Training course was my turning point. The people I met and my teachers, played a valuable role and I will be forever grateful. I personally felt for me, it was a de traumatisation program on a very subtle level and the healing and self empowerment had an outcome, that I once would not have believed possible. To be confident enough to teach Dru Yoga. When you know something works and you love it, the rest is easy!

I then completed the Dru Meditation Teacher Training course that further compliments the journey of Self discovery and enables me to share the valuable teachings with students.

Yoga and Horses: Mr Chips the Brumby helping me do Matsyasana!
IMG_3596 I have a combined love and passion for Yoga and Horses. Thanks to my dedicated teachers and the study of horsemanship using Psychology and understanding Horse and Human behaviour, I have developed a very special relationship with my horses. Dru Yoga and Meditation have complimented this partnership between Horse and Human on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

The horse is an honest and profound teacher. They reflect back to us, what our physical and emotional state is. Harmony  will be enhanced if we can learn to be in the present moment rather than thinking of the past or future. They can sense and respond accordingly if we are in our head or in our heart.

“Becoming natural means that you trust and follow the guidance of your heart.” Dru Yoga and meditation techniques help us to be our authentic self and horses teach us to live that Truth.

I am currently developing Retreats / workshops that combine yoga, meditation, nature and Horses.