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ENJOY…..the ride!



I have had the honour of recently attending the Dru – Ignite Your Dreams Canberra seminar both as a volunteer and participant. There were many take home treasures from the seminar, one regarding how to ignite your dreams, which involves 10 keys that I intend working with and for those who attend my class each week, you may recognise the keys as themes woven into the yoga and meditation.

The theme for this week is based on the first key: Enjoy… the ride!

How many times has life felt like it is against you? How do we change our mind set from victim thinking to actually believing we are supported by the universe? This can be a challenge when we are experiencing the “heavy stuff” like work / relationship challenges, sleep deprivation family demands and financial concerns. Like many successful strategies in our life, it helps to consolidate a new teaching or aspect when we are in a positive frame of mind or relaxed.

How do we obtain this when we wake up with “oh no, not another day to face!” On a personal level, my day unfolds in a variety of ways, depending on those first few moments upon awakening. I have found that if I allow the mind to start it’s program of chatter, perceptions and judgements before I even get out of bed, it feels like my busy mind is preparing to be “boss” for the day. Often leading to a negative attitude or unhelpful thoughts that can lead to overwhelm and feelings of isolation.

On the other hand, my day is very different if I start with a little routine that shapes my mind in a positive way rather than letting it be like a loose cannon! I begin with some mindful deep breathing, offer a silent prayer of gratitude to a new day, and to the Earth as my feet touch the floor. I focus on gratitude as I light a flame or go outside and say good morning to the Sun or the light of the new morning with sun salutations and basically continue an inner dialogue of gratitude with a short meditation or walk in nature. Another ingredient to this recipe for an A+ am attitude is to give in some way.

I am firstly giving to my higher self when I honour my practice and inner being, before the business of the day grabs me and takes me outwards. I make an Ayurvedic porridge for whoever would like some, allowing me time with family before school and work.

The dogs love to receive a cuddle or walk. Often the horses waiting at the gate for a biscuit of hay, is another way I can connect and give to the important ones in my life. It is the basic principal of not taking any moment or anything for granted. Even the 24hours before us are not guaranteed. I don’t mean this to be a fear driven motivator but rather a count our blessings one. Gratitude is one of the most powerful motivators for changes in our attitude and promotes positive well being.

Attuning to the aliveness of the new day and awakening my own body and mind with a template of gratitude, seems to wire my brain for a more positive calm and productive day. Of course the more I make this a habit the more likely my belief will be that I AM supported by the universe. When we feel supported we feel free to believe, create and express ….dreams!

Yoga and meditation has the power to change our body, heart and mind from contraction or limited    patterns and unhelpful attitudes to expansion of this trilogy, including an attitude that adds goodness to the world and not undermines it.

The quote I shared in class:

“Enjoy the ride. Life is your friend. Believe that life is meant to be an exciting game – be determined to enjoy it!” ~

One of my beautiful students is undertaking a mammoth bike ride and has been stressing over it, especially with self doubts about her ability to stick with it or complete the journey. After class and mainly due to this quote, her intention and attitude was now to see the actual ride as a game too and ENJOY, without expectations of certain outcomes. WOW.


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