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“No mater how many other people believe In you, if you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t let the anchor go, and you won’t sail. Only you can set your ship to sail.” ~ Dru Ignite Your Dreams Australian Tour.

I remember moments as a child where I believed in myself. One prominent memory is when I was 4, in my first year at school at a Sydney beach suburb. I saw everyone around me get picked up by their Mum or Dad and finally I was there on my own. Maybe others were around me but I did not know these people and it felt like I was on my own. I never once considered going up to anyone as I was very certain that if I walked this way then crossed the road and walked down a little more that way I would arrive home. Mum had always been there waiting for me when I finished school so getting home seemed the only thing to do. I am not sure we had made any back up plans before this situation.

I had total self belief in my little 4 year old innocent mind, that I could walk home. I remember the feeling of being sure about myself. It was a different story when I arrived home soon followed by Mum and Dad who were so upset and worried, as you could imagine. I remember that sense of feeling very clever which soon turned to tears and fear as I was reprimanded and told how dangerous my actions were. I didn’t understand what I had done wrong and had no fear or thoughts about danger.

You may also have a similar story of an awareness of Self Belief and self confidence that may be shattered or changed gradually to fear and doubts. There is no right or wrong and I am sure my parents were very concerned for my safety. I shudder to think what I may have said or done to my own four daughters that have been part of the fabric of their own stories!

We can call our power back from past experiences and restore Self Belief by accepting “what is” and then using this as a springboard to launch into a new dimension of Self awareness and attitude. This will enable us to claim the inheritance of our true nature, which includes Self belief. There are many ways to do this, with a smorgasbord of therapies, self help resources and spiritual paths to choose from. In all my years of “searching” I have found that going to regular Dru classes and then making big leaps and bounds in the Dru training courses has resulted in the transformation of my life to one of such beauty and filled with blessings, way beyond my imagination. Watching my children grow up with amazing opportunities and developing their own Self Belief, has been of course the most rewarding.

There is a CD available from the yoga shop on         that is actually called “Believe in Yourself” I have owned a copy since it was in cassette form (yes I have updated!) I have listened to it over and over again especially on my long car journeys to town. It is a valuable resource to remind me of self awareness, gratitude, self love, the power of the mind and actualisation.

Many Dru Yoga and Meditation practices will help create the energy that you need to feel empowered and confident. I hardly go a day with out doing the Sun Sequence (Dru Salutations to the Sun). It awakens the energy and dynamism in me that I want available for my day. It is probably like those energy boost drinks filled with sugar but so much healthier for my body and mind. If you want to discover the benefits of a daily appointment with your self and build on your positive Self belief system check out  available on DVD class 1 Total Body work out (natural weight loss series) Alternatively just come and talk to me about what practices you could explore. 







The topic for classes this week was about Connection. This is the next important step to “Igniting your dreams.” I had some vague concept that connection related to the people I met in my life. True in one sense but my Yoga and Meditation journey has allowed me to explore an inner connection at many different levels, which then deepens my outer connection in the world.

If we are not connected with ourselves, what hope have we got to create deep and meaningful connections with other people. For me it is very much a mindful way of being. I have experienced many many times, how different I feel after I have done Yoga or meditation and the best way I can explain this is that I feel more connected. Funny but it is only when I am connected that I realize I was disconnected!

The connection that most of us seem to have is to the incessant and never ending thoughts in our head. Jobs to do, places to go, people to meet, analyzing conversations and experiences Invariably these thoughts will be linked to the past or future, not the present moment.

Anxiety and depression are the symptoms of disconnection in our modern world. Our busy and hazardous lifestyles create little time and space for being aware of our physical body, our breath, our feelings or quality of thoughts. We never stop long enough to connect with our own being.

In the beginning of my Dru classes I language instructions to invite students to become aware of their body. Isolating movements and body parts and to reestablish a physical connection helps us to get out of “the head space” and into the body.

When we experience Trauma in our life we can disconnect or disassociate from our body and this survival strategy can stay charged in our body over time. The gentle guidance to body and sensation awareness can have a significant healing effect and help restore balance and connection.

The connection with breath during movement is an important tool in class to help the student experience the present moment. We have more energy available to us because where our thoughts go energy flows. If our thoughts are of the past or future, the amount of energy we have for right here and now is depleted. Therefore we can experience tiredness or lack of energy.

I lived most of my life without any awareness to my breath, my posture or the present moment. My life began to change as I became more and more of my breath. Sounds strange but when we are aware of our breath, the quality, the rhythm, the rate, then we are in the present moment.

If you want a quick Connect fix then the breath is the vehicle.

Power of now breath

  • Sit or stand comfortably and focus on your heart.
  • Become aware of your breath.
  • As you breathe in, feel your chest rise.
  • Capture the still point at the top of the in-breath.
  • Enjoy being in the present moment. Release a slow out breath.
  • Repeat this several times with awareness.

Take a few moments to enjoy the stillness of the moment before you return to your day and whenever you feel your mind wandering again, return to your breath and the present.

From Weekly Dru Tips which can be accessed on line and delivered to your inbox each week for FREE

The power of nature may be subtle but vital for bringing clarity to your mind and creating a connection with your inner self, your environment and those who you share this amazing planet with. Many of the Dru movements can be done outside in nature or the power of now breath above to establish a daily connection.

Go to Services page where I have a youtube video of Prithvi Namaskar. Salutations to The Earth and this movement and breath sequence done outside is one of the most powerful ways to reconnect.

“Life inside you is extraordinary, like the Great Barrier Reef – You can’t see it from the top…” Mansukh Patel


Enjoy….the ride

I have had the honour of recently attending the Dru – Ignite Your Dreams Canberra seminar as a volunteer. There were many take home treasures from the seminar, one regarding how to ignite your dreams, which involves 10 keys that I intend working with and for those who attend my class each week, you may recognise the keys as themes woven into the yoga and meditation.

The theme for this week is based on the first key: Enjoy… the ride!

How many times has life felt like it is against you? How do we change our mind set from victim thinking to actually believing we are supported by the universe? This can be a challenge when we are experiencing the “heavy stuff”, like work and relationship challenges, health issues, financial concerns, sleep problems and the list goes on. Like many successful strategies in our life, it helps to consolidate a new teaching or aspect when we are in a positive frame of mind or relaxed. It is a scientific fact that we can not integrate or learn new ways if we are stressed or on adrenaline.

How do we obtain this state of positivity and calmness when we may start our day with “oh no, not another day to face!” On a personal level, my day unfolds in a variety of ways. I have observed that it depends on those first few moments upon awakening. I have found that if I allow the mind to start it’s program of inner chatter, perceptions and judgements before I even get out of bed, it feels like my busy mind is preparing to be “boss” for the day. Often leading to a negative attitude or unhelpful thoughts such as self doubt that can become overwhelming.

On the other hand, my day is very different if I start by engaging my mind in a practice that awakens gratitude. That sluggish sleepiness can be dangerous for allowing the mind to be a loose cannon so I begin with 10 mindful deep breaths. I then steer the mind to acknowledging with gratitude, waking up to live another day as if I have been given a gift of 24 golden hours. The question is what do I plan to do with this precious gift today? This is where setting an intention is crucial. As I place my feet on the ground, I say a silent prayer to the Earth for supporting me and often find I repeat this gratitude prayer when I go outside with my bare feet. I love to light a flame and set my intention for the day with the flame as a witness and a reminder of my own inner light that can shine out to the world. A meditation before the rest of the family awakens helps me to give to my inner being before the world wants me to give outwards. I have to say this all varies as I try not to be rigid so sometimes instead of lighting a flame I will go outside and watch the sun peek over the hill, or go for a brisk walk in nature.

Sun salutations awaken and stretch my body and it is like a moving prayer of gratitude for the life sustaining energy and light of the sun. Getting out in nature, connecting with my dogs and horses always fills me with abundant gratitude. I stay with this inner dialogue of counting my blessings, often by chanting a mantra, as long as I can into my morning activities and include another ingredient to this recipe for a enjoyable ride for the day and that is to give in some way.

I make an Ayurvedic porridge for anyone who would like some and connect in some way before each family member heads off to school and work. Even if I am heading off to Yoga classes it is my goal to not get caught up in my own world. (Note, I said goal!)  It is the basic principal of not taking any moment or anything for granted. Even the 24 hours before us are not guaranteed. I don’t mean this to be a fear driven motivator but rather one of appreciation. Gratitude is one of the most powerful motivators for changes in our attitude and positive well being.

Attuning to the aliveness of the new day and awakening my own body and mind with a template of gratitude, seems to wire my brain for a more positive and productive day. Most nights I light a flame and spend some time in introspection for the day that was and mentally recreate any part that did not go as well as it could have. Having a plan for the next day before I sleep is like sending a menu to the universe who will get all the ingredients together ready for me in the morning. I am still working at this becoming a habit as tiredness can prevent this from happening, but I do notice a difference if I do this technique and am more likely to believe that I AM supported by the universe. When we feel supported we feel free to believe, create and express ….dreams!

Yoga and meditation has the power to change our body, heart and mind from contraction or limited    patterns and unhelpful attitudes to expansion of this trilogy, including an attitude that adds goodness to the world and not undermines it.

The quote I shared in class:

“Enjoy the ride. Life is your friend. Believe that life is meant to be an exciting game – be determined to enjoy it!” ~

One of my beautiful students is undertaking a mammoth bike ride and has been stressing over it, especially with self doubts about her ability to stick with it or complete the journey. After class and mainly due to this quote, her intention and attitude was now to see the actual ride as a game too and ENJOY, without expectations of certain outcomes. WOW.