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I started my yoga journey 16 years ago, during a very challenging period of my life. The Dru Yoga teacher training course a few years later, not only helped me to develop skills to teach yoga but gave me transformational tools that have empowered my life and developed my physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Dru Meditation Teacher Training has provided a way to not only live what I teach, but to share what I love with others. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand for those who wish to discover their purpose in life! When we can stop the chatter and busy mind we invite a stillness that can reveal our true purpose.

It is such a privilege to be in a position that assists people to bring the best of themselves to their world.

I am on a never ending path of discovering the Self and to provide the best opportunities for my students to live a full and enriched quality of life. I have found Yoga, Meditation, Horses and Nature to be the vehicle to take on this path.


The Earth Sequence:

Dru Yoga is a flowing, yet potent style of Yoga. It incorporates postures, sequences, breath work, and guided relaxations to create harmony and balance for the body, mind and spirit.

Dru Meditation is an antidote to our busy lifestyles. It creates the space to settle the mind and brings calmness and healing properties to all the layers of our being.

Essence of Stillness provides a combination of yoga, meditation, body awareness, mindfulness and Psych K ® techniques to change belief patterns that do not serve us.

Nature – Horses – Yoga At our home we can create space for you to connect with nature, horses and your own inner wisdom through gentle Yoga and relaxations, to heal and grow. A stepping stone to improving quality of life.