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Margot has a Diploma in Dru Yoga and a Diploma in Dru Meditation, with 11 years experience teaching and 4 years experience as a Tutor on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course in Albury / Wodonga.

A background in Nursing and Mental Health along with life experiences has created a passion for how Yoga and Meditation can be a valuable form of self care and enhance quality of life and well being.

The physical movement, breathing practices and guided relaxations can assist with the release of tension or trapped energy in the body and the mind.

As a Psych K ® facilitator, Margot can work in partnership with the individual or group to facilitate the change of beliefs that no longer serve us in life.

Recent training with Hanna Somatic Practitioner, Shelly Fruend for spinal function and freedom has been valuable for assisting students, through slow gentle movements to retrain the nervous system and learn healthy somatic (body/mind) patterns.

Intensive training in Somatic Trauma Therapy for PTSD with Babette Rothschild (2017) and training with Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia has provided a deeper understanding of the specific needs of the student experiencing anxiety or trauma related issues and assist with developing new neural pathways for healing.

Margot’s classes align with Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) principles – that facilitate the student to experience mindfulness and being present, having choices that lead to self empowerment. creating rhythms, and awareness of spatial orientation.

Safety and Comfort are major considerations. There are no physical adjustments on the students (or touching). The students are invited to experiment with the postures and make their own adjustments according to individual needs. There is an emphasis on invitation to explore and be curious rather than just do what the instructor does or says.

A simple “triple A” approach can empower the student during class: Awareness, Acceptance and Appreciation of the body and mind and thus create harmony and balance in life.


Happiness is when … What you think , What you say and What you do are in Harmony   ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The Earth Sequence: a grounding practice that uses movement and breath to help reduce stress and brings us in the present moment. It is best done in nature and each movement synchronises with the length of the breath. For more information, please contact me.

Nature – Horses – Yoga:   At our property we can create space for you to connect with nature, horses and your own inner wisdom through gentle Yoga and Meditation. A stepping stone to enhancing connection and quality of life. Please contact Margot for more details.